Business Solutions

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is an approach to managing business activity and meeting customer requirements. BPI is a way to improve and manage organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Factors that drive the need for business process change include:

  • Business and IT alignment
  • Collaboration
  • Streamlining business processes
  • Growth
  • New business strategies
  • Enhancing customer and supplier service levels
  • Regulatory compliance

Tackling these issues requires an organization to rethink and sometimes redesign its core processes to support current business goals and optimize existing and future technology investments. This requires an approach that challenges today’s standard practices, leveraging the best ideas from inside the organization and looks outside for innovation. Organizations lacking such an approach often miss opportunities to add value to their bottom line.

Exchangedoc can bridge the gap and provide online, real time solutions to utilize existing information technology investments while connecting with Exchangedoc Affiliates to review current processes and recommend improvements.

Does your company’s process time equal cycle times ? For example, if an application form sent from a customer for service is submitted to your organization, does the time to approve the application equal the time to process the application ? It may take a few weeks for the application to manually travel between departments and people but the actual approval time for the application may be minutes. Exchangedoc can help your organization aim towards a one to one process to cycle time.

Shifting the emphasis to management of processes will eliminate inefficiencies and better meet customer requirements on a more consistent basis. Exchangedoc process analysis works towards evaluating current processes in terms of value add versus non value added steps, selecting requirements that are not being met and comparing performance measures against customer requirements.

Use Exchangedoc to deliver BPI to your business.

Process Time = Cycle Time