ExchangeDoc helps our customers get more performance and productivity from their existing applications, databases and infrastructure. ExchangeDoc helps organizations implement the internal controls of critical systems that are required by Sarbanes-Oxley and other important regulations.

Optimum visibility and control of both data and processes are essential for compliance and key to realizing operational efficiencies.

We help our customers implement compliance controls in five key areas:

  • Access to sensitive systems and data
  • Change to applications and system configurations
  • Availability of critical systems and data
  • Retention and control of important business communications and records
  • Management of essential business approval requirements

Using the ExchangeDoc platform, clients can establish fundamental business controls appropriate for their organization. Permitted users are able to access real-time data and review related supporting documentation from within the same portal, resulting in more informed, accurate and quicker decisions.

The ability to measure your organization’s internal controls posture is critical to the health and overall success of your business. In addition, proper management of external business transactions with such entities as suppliers, vendors, franchisees, branches or partners, requires the utmost diligence by all parties. ExchangeDoc’s structured reporting module provides effective insight to your business activity and can be customized to suit your needs. Combined with a rigid compliance testing plan, ExchangeDoc helps to ensure your business is audit ready.