Dealer marketing co-op

Connect your People and Information with Efficient Data Management Processes

Ever feel that you have all the information you need but can’t easily make good use of it? When you need data most you can never find it quickly, or even gather it in a format that can be easily manipulated and utilized in your own work. With increasing amounts of data generated and stored by companies, the effective management of information is critical for successful business operations.

ExchangeDoc is an online solution that requires no local software installation. ExchangeDoc helps organizations to improve their processes and manage content to enable better, more informed business decisions and ensure compliance with company and regulatory standards.

ExchangeDoc aligns your people and personal workflow with the transactions and content that are important to your business. Its tools and services allow companies to measure key business metrics and increase their performance to achieve a competitive advantage that saves valuable resource and promotes expediency through efficient exchange of information between employees, partners, vendors, dealers and clients.


Automate Dealer Marketing Co-Op Budget Allocation and Reconciliation
Streamline your dealer communications, assign marketing budgets and easily monitor spend to budget by dealer, manager or dealer agency groups.

Empower Dealers with Better Visibility of Co-Op Funding and Spend
Dealer validation of active funding amounts raises awareness and drives the execution of appropriate marketing initiatives for given periods.

Improve the Quality of Claims, Business Transactions and Reporting
Integrated approvals procedures and structured workflow ensures completeness and transactions are executed efficiently in real time.

Get Started Quickly Without Disrupting Your Business
No software to install means getting started is easy. With ExchangeDoc’s centralized maintenance services, security and updates are kept current, eliminating dedicated technical resources.

Get Informed… Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone
Access data remotely using a web browser. View and action records at your convenience and keep track of important items when it’s most necessary.

Eliminate Paper Claims — Get Faster, More Accurate Results
Enable efficient processing and deliver powerful real time look-ups with complete historical data.


Automated Co-Op Claim Management and Approval Process
Improve dealer program communications and expedite transactions with an easy-to-use, online solution.

  • Effectively track, report and analyze claims
  • Provide entitlement advisement
  • Review and approve marketing plans
  • Two-way claim management: Head office claim activity tracking, review and approval; Dealer claim submission schedule and processing

Consolidated Data, Filtering and Reporting
View real time information, create reports and dynamically filter by dealer, region, period, model or media type. Customizable reporting and segmented analysis options address unique business requirements.

Simplified Records Management
Workflow automation between head office and dealers utilizes structured information and standardized content.

  • Centralize data for better control and access to information
  • Streamline internal and external business transactions
  • Reduce manual data entry and eliminate submission discrepancies

Unstructured Data Capture - Convert and Store Physical Document Content in Softcopy Format
Combination of automated claim submission procedures and attachment conversion capabilities provides:

  • Transfer of hardcopy materials to softcopy image for online handling and centralized storage
  • Individual record link to backup materials
  • Hardcopy data recognition capable with population to views and reports

Secure Data Exchange
ExchangeDoc utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to keep information private and authenticate data transfers.